Pictured below are a few of the steps taken in producing a hand made elephant pendant. The elephant was first sculpted by Steven and then cast in sterling silver.


Ready to start sculpting the elephant, The image is to get the correct size of the pendant.

Starting to block out the shape of the elephant.

Once the basic shape of the elephant is achieved you can start to add detail.

Starting to add detail to the elephant, this is really were you see it come to life.

Looking from all angles to check the details are correct

Once a mold of the original wax has been made, we can produce a copy in wax that will burnout in the furnace before casting.

The wax elephant is attached to sprues to allow air to escape when the metal is poured into the flask.

Flask in place and ready for investing.

The cast elephant after it is removed from the investment.

Checking the size of the pendant with the necklace

Starting to add the tusks

Once the tusks are attached, shaping and finishing can occur.

Finished and boxed, ready for delivery to the client