Steven was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. A city known for its culture and beauty. He has always had a love for art and started drawing at a early age.

Steven moved to Perth when he was 21, when his family decided to emigrate, here he finished his studies at the University of Western Australia.

In his free time he worked as a graphic designer doing freelance work, for various companies. When deciding whether or not to undertake  a postgraduate degree, the opportunity to study jewellery design presented itself. This is where his passion for jewellery  began.

Customer satisfaction is highly important to Steven. He enjoys working closely with his customers on their individual pieces, to create a timeless and meaningful piece for both customer and artist.

All Steven Anderson Jewellery is Hallmarked with our signature blue sapphire, a symbol of the meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship we impart onto every piece we make.

​Steven would like to thank Claire Dale and Peter Keep for their guidance and ongoing support.


Every diamond offered by Steven Anderson Jewellers is guaranteed to be conflict free and comply with UN regulations. We individually hand-select our stones making sure each is at the top of their grade range, meaning they demonstrate the absolute best clarity, cut and colour even when compared with other stones of the same grade. Our extremely strict quality assurance standards, ensures our clients always enjoy incredibly bright, sparkling, and brilliant stones.

All diamonds offered by Steven Anderson are graded by GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) the World's foremost authority on diamonds and Gemstones. They are the original creators of the 4 C's, cut, colour, clarity and carat. This means all diamonds are supplied with  a certificate of authenticity that guarantees their quality and standard. The certificate contains all details about their quality, cut, colour, clarity, carat and the individual serial number that is laser inscribed on every GIA diamond.